Mother in Law Blues

Upcoming Gigs

Nov 11 Blues Summit Howiee's 6 PM

Nov 14 Bella Fiore Winery 5:30 PM

Nov 15 POPS Dunsmuir CA  8 PM

Nov 17 Wild Goose 8 PM

Nov 20 Bella Union 7 PM

Nov 29 Howiee's Revenge of Holy Smoke Blues 9 PM

Dec 6  The Point  7 PM

Dec 9 Blues Summit Howiees 6 PM

Dec 12 NW IBC Showcase  Duff's  Portland

Dec 13 2 Hawk Winery 6 PM

Dec 15 Wild Goose 8 PM

Dec 18 Bella Union 7 PM

Jan 3 Bella Fiore Winery 5:30 PM

Jan 8,9,10 Bella Union ( Memphis sendoff weekend)

Jan 13 Blues Summit Howiee's 6 PM

Jan 21-24 International Blues Challenge  Memphis



Don't let the Good Time Stop

The Devil Stayed Out all Night

The political message added by the Mail Tribune does not reflect our beliefs.

Save Me

The political message inserted by the Mail Tribune at the beginning of this video does not reflect our beliefs

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Some new pics from our fundraising weekend and Muddy Awards:



UPDATE !!!!!

David and Phil win Cascade Blues Association Jouney to Memphis Contest ! Folks we are going back. The shack up inn twins return. But first we play the Waterfront Blues Fest on July Fourth. Yipee!!!! 

you can help our travels by PURCHASING a copy of our new cd


This pic is of david and phil playing at the lehrer in portland at the CBA journey to memphis challenge.  thank you matt hauer


We came we saw we were on the news.       Memphis20ABC20show.mp4

Though we did not come back victorious we came back champions. We played Beale and we stood at the Crossroads. David put his CD on Robert Johnson's grave. We had a great time. Thanks to The Rainy Day Blues Society for sponsoring us and thanks to all our Southern Oregon friends that gave us so much support. We will always be in debt to you for your kindness.